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Tickle Me Pink’s Typical Explicit Music Video of the Day

When your band’s name is Tickle Me Pink, you gotta go that extra mile to man the fuck up. Otherwise, the only people who will show up to your show will be total poofs, lookin’ to dance for teddy bears before their all night anal sex parties, because poofs are always down for all night anal sex parties, or moms and dads thinking it’s some kind of fluffy show for kids, you know the kind of creeps that sing about kids issues, like sharing and shitting in the toilet and animals. So Tickle Me Pink, went ahead, hired a pornstar to crawl around under the blanket topless, and I approve, because I like tits. What I don’t approve of is bad music, so I kept shit on mute and enjoyed the picture show…

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Typical Music Video of the Day

The band is called Tickle Me Pink and this is their video for a song called Typical. It’s some typical pop punk shit that all the typical 15 year olds are eating up with a typical obscure name for a band with typical yelling and chanting but there’s some hot slut crawling around under the sheets who I may or may not be in love with because my social anxiety has moved to online social anxiety and I just can’t tell what I am feeling anymore, but I do know this typical porn lookin’ slut is in her underwear makes for typical masturbation when nothing else is on TV and your internet is down, So it is worth watching.

Her name is Gabriella Fox and She Works for Digital Playground – the Porn Company and This is her Myspace

Here She is Taking a Load on Her Face – NSFW

I am jacked on coffee and my computer has AIDS, Let’s Do This….

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