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Tila Tequila at a White Nationalist Event of the Day


The interesting thing about Tila Tequila being a nazi – going to white power or white nationalist events – is that she’s not white…

I guess that’s not that interesting, it’s just a weird cry for attention from the world’s first real famous social media star. The girl who got fake fans on myspace and leveraged that into a TV show, a celebrity in the tabloids, a really shitty sex tape on her decline, a conversion to judaism, and now she’s a nazi…because social media destroys people – let this be the case study all you instagram sluts stealing Tila Tequila’s pre-nazi glory…

Once a fame whore – always a fame whore – cuz she made a life from being a fame whore…now she’s left with nothing hope it’ll happen again for her…this is what happens when you give a low level a TV show. It’s Weird.




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