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Helena Bonham Carter in Her Bathing Suit Scares Me of the Day

Remember this bitch from Fight Club? Well it looks like that her common law husband, Tim Burton turned her into one of the gothic monsters you’d find in one of his movies. Only I don’t remember Beetle Juice or Edward Scissor Hands or even Pee Wee’s big adventure being a sloppy fat bitch in a bikini….maybe he based this look off the movie Big Fish and he pulled it off by letting her on set of Charlie and the Chocolate factory…..cuz he got turned on shooting Planet of the Apes and wanted his woman to have the same fuckin’ body type as those motherfuckers…..

I always thought Goths liked to look more like dying corpses but I guess she is keepin it real since she looks like fuckin’ hell.

You liked that play on words didn’t you. I’m sure I coulda done better but it’s the end of the fuckin’ day, now stare at this cellulite ridden ass and have nightmares…that’s all Tim Burton wanted in makin her look like this….

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