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Lindsay Lohan on TMZ Talking About Lindsay Lohan of the Day

I hate TMZ. I think it’s gotta do with the fame hungry people’s court lawyer who runs it and looks like he’s got some kind of diva ego that requires his personal assistant to lick his ass clean after he takes a shit to remind him how important he is to the world, because even he knows he’s a fuckin’ joke, all while counting all his money.

Now the real reason I hate TMZ is because the staff rip apart celebrities all day but the second one of them comes into the office and pretty much makes fun of how pathetic their lives are they act all star struck and giggle at her stupid jokes. These are the kind of people who feel like they’ve made it because they are on TV but know that they are useless and just riding some kind of wave, because like the woman who worked the cash when Lohan was buying her Cheerios, they will go home to tell their friends how cool it was to meet Lohan, until tomorrow when they are back to making fun of her.

I guess i just like people with a spine, if I met Lohan I’d try to finger her, I wouldn’t try to retract anything I said or laugh at her stupid jokes like some star struck teen meeting Hannah Montana, it’s about keeping it real and this video proves that TMZ is just some candy coated shit that is far too popular for their own good. I guess the only hope for them is that a plane crashes into their offices while filming…hopefully the terrorists realize that their next hit on America shouldn’t be on the financial industry but on Hollywood because that’s really where all the problems started.

That said, Lohan looks like a middle aged mom at soccer practice or some shit, I guess that’s what happens when you have numerous unwanted pregnancies and abortions….each one adds to the uterus bank making tricking her body into thinking thatit’s actually brought one of those bastards to term, I guess it could also be the cocaine…shit rapes faces but I like my theory that makes absolutely no sense better.

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