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Brittany Murphey Is Touching Her Toes of the Day

One of my oldest and only readers was this depraved freakshow named HornyLohanWanker who would always beg for pictures of celebrities in red lipstick smoking cigarettes, it was his fetish, so whenever I see a bitch smoking with red lipstick on, I think of him and that’s part of the reason I did these Brittany Murphey pics. The other reason, is because the bitch is bending over and showing off her shitty ass in slutty heels. I guess I am a pervert, because the truth is that I kinda want to hate fuck this bitch, there’s something she said in an interveiw that left a bad taste in my mouth and that was when Ashton Kutcher broke her heart and ran off with a mom and he made a statement about his small penis. Now I am not an Ashton fan, and I am not surprised or offended that he’s got a small dick, I just hate when girls go out and try to make hateful statements about you just because you’re done fuckin’ them and they are hurting on the inside.

It’s like this time I was seeing a chick I worked with and she told all my friends and co-workers that I raped her, sure she wasn’t actually my girlfriend and I kinda stuck my dick in her at the office christmas party after slipping shit in her drink, but I still think what we shared was romance and it really hurt when the boss brought me in and told me to leave and never come back or the company would press criminal charges. Then there was a chick who told everyone that I beat her up, just because I punched her in the face and broke her nose, the last time I check a punch doesn’t count as beating up and she made it sound like I pinned her down and mangled her. I guess it’s also like the time every single girl I’ve banged told their friends how small my dick is, but I never held that against them, because they were just speaking the truth and not trying to drag my name through the mud like this Brittany Murphey cunt.

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I am – Lohan Touching Her Toes of the Day


I decided to sit in a coffee shop because I wanted out of the house and didn’t have anywhere else to go. I saw a bitch breast feeding, which seems to happen every fucking time I go into the place and today I was feeling a little obnoxious so I looked at her and looked at the baby and told her to save some for me because I was feeling kinda hungry. The mom wasn’t too impressed and told me to fuck myself or something. I guess she didn’t realize that I was being serious.

I used to get the same reaction back in the day when I thought asking a girl to touch her toes was the funniest question, because they’d answer it seriously, then realize how fucking creepy and would tell me to fuck myself. I used to ask girls in all kinds of situations to touch their toes, whether it was outside the gym, where I used to hang out to see mom’s come in in their lycra, or at the mall where I’d sit to see the teen girls shopping, or the grocery store when women were bending over to get cans of soup. I’m creepy like that.

Here are some pictures of Lohan doing what I used to love seeing girls do, I don’t think she has any idea that this toe touching shit is a fetish of mine, but I’ll just pretend she does, like you pretend the girls you see in porn are your girlfriends who let you lick their assholes every time you jerk off.

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