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Tom Arnold in Some Long Lost Snuff Film of the Day

You gotta give love to people who were so desperate to make it in entertainment that they’d attach themselves to any project, even college quality amateur videos for their local stripclub DJ who was an aspiring filmmaker who threw together this production back in ’85 when he got his hands on their dad’s VHS camcorder and realized his dreams could come fucking true.

You know, people who just belong on screen and no matter what opportunity to be in front of the camera comes up, they take it. I really love the shit when these shitty quality porn clips surface after the motherfucker makes it in Hollywood….especially when it is a celebrity chick I want to fuck, but since I am a bottom feeder and take what I can get, even throwback porn or snuff footage of Tom Arnold makes me happy, but only because it isn’t actual porn footage of him fucking Roseanne, but is porn footage of him dressed hilarious and running off shitty lines…with some busty 80s chick….

Video and Story Via StreetBonersAndTVCarnage

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