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Scarlett Johannson Does Tom Waits of the Day

I am not going to lie, I don’t hate Tom Waits but I do hate people who try to be Tom Waits. Not because I am some fag who thinks things like his music is so relevant that it should stay sacred like some psycho fan who takes life too seriously, because I got nothing else going on in my life, reality is I don’t have anything else going on in my life and I don’t even have any Tom Waits on my computer but I just don’t care if his songs are butchered because caring is as lame as the Art Fag Poser who covers his music to show the world just how obscure and deep she is. It’s like seeing a rich girl dressed homeless trying to denounce her rich girl ways while talking pictures on some second hand film camera because digital is for the masses and they are so different than the masses as they discuss politics and the environment taking life too fuckin’ seriously. We get it, you are going through an identity crisis, but why the fuck do you need to bother the rest of us with your bullshit, because you aren’t some social outcast living in a loft with 20 other artists, you’re some kind of poser celebrity living in a luxury loft singing Tom Waits so the world knows just how multi-dimensional you are. Go fuck yourself.

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