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We Get It Jessica Simpson…You’re Dating Tony Romo of the Day

We get it Jessica Simpson. You have a fucking boyfriend and you love letting the world know how in love you are by wearing around his Jersey like some obsessed fan, who sucks his dick everytime he roles into town, because we all know when he’s on the road, or not playing Football, he’s not wearing Jessica Simpson T-Shirts around to let the world know, but he may have had his dick sucked by a whore while one of your videos happens to come on in the background.

This is some jock college bullshit from the 70s, where the cheerleader gets to wear the Varsity jacket, while the QB is out dippin his throwing arm in all the honey pots he can, and I know that her little obsession with him to prove to the world that she’s not a failure of a girl who can’t land love and I think it’s all got to do with her little sister got knocked up before she did and now has a complex.

I know that if I had some kind of credibility and saw a girl wearing one of my t-shirts, I’d go along with it, to get laid, but her over-interest in me would make me run the fuck away right after cumming, I guess Jessica Simpson doesn’t really get men, but in her defense, she doesn’t really get much. Yeah, she’s stupid….

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