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Jordan Hits Up Toys ‘R’ Us with Her Retarded Fake Tits of the Day

Here’s an obvious bad joke:

So Jordan went to Toys ‘R’ Us to buy her spoiled brat kids some toys while showing of a set of toys she bought for her spoiled brat self.

I figure that’s the angle every other site’s going to take because let’s face it when Jordan goes to Toys ‘R’ Us, there’s nothing much else you can say. I figure that the exposure she got them while exposing her stupid tits warrant a spokesperson deal, you know since this whore has managed to whore out ever other possible venue.

The truth is that if I knew mother’s with tits like that, dressed like that, shopped at Toys ‘R’ Us, I’d spend less time checkin out the little girls in their cute pink little dresses.

But every time I’ve been there, I’ve only seen fat, tired and disgusting mother’s trying to shut their annoying kids out, but truthfully, I usually get escorted out within 5 minutes of being there for simulating sex for a group of kids with random stuff animals, so I’m definitely not an expert on this shit.

Either way, here are her tits and haggard face shopping because you weren’t able to see it live while hiding in the life sized doll house you’ve always wanted but felt to awkward to buy yourself.

Here they are shopping for groceries and in love. It seems like Jordan’s got a wireless mic pack on her back pocket, or maybe it’s some hormone release therapy to keep her from growing her dick back or some shit. I guess this shopping bullshit may be staged for some money making scheme, because everyone knows that Jordan’s the kind of girl who would have someone do it for her, since she is incapable of the simplest tasks in life, like putting on her massive bra, making dinner, or wiping her own ass. But boy can she get titty fucked…..

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