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Tracee Ellis Ross Crotch Shot of the Day


I read some bullshit news headline about Tracee Ellis Ross, who in the event you didn’t know, is not hot at all, but thanks to being Diana Ross’ daughter, she’s got a career…and is seen as a “Talent” since she’s one of their own…

Buy yeah, on my news app, there was some story about Tracee Ellis Ross showing off her RIPPED six pack abs at 48 years old…like who the fuck paid for that bullshit storyline….someone definitely did..

So I went to her instagram, to debunk the fake news, because NO toned abs are scene, if anything, I see some mom gunt hanging off the stomach like an old bitch rescued from a puppy mill…but since they’re talking about her like she’s a fitness GURU, might as well watch at the old bitch’s ass in leggings spreading provocatively in the worst fucking way….fitness porn, never too old to partake….especially when you’re famous and the media gets a hard on for you cuz your mom is Michael Jackson’s biological mother….

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Tracee Ellis Ross Bikini of the Day

Tracee Ellis Ross Bikini

I am thankful that girls like Tracee Ellis Ross feel empowered to get into bikinis as part of their growth as a person…because we get to laugh at them..

You know as they work to find personal happiness and enlightenment even though they are about as deep as a piss puddle on the side of the strip club I made last night….that damn prostate coupled with lap dances leads to weirdness….good thing I dont’ go to the doctor to find out….

But as they work through their insecurities because they are fucking hyped on themselves and the internet is forgiving…or into this kind of thing…while I’m into disgusting bikini pics to offset all the aggressively photoshopped bikini pics…not to say this isn’t photoshopped…it probably is which adds to the joke of her posting it all “empowered”…

All this to say, who fucking cares about Tracee Ellis Ross….seriously.

Tracee Ellis Ross Bikini


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Tracee Ellis Ross in a Bikni – Unfortunately – of the Day

Here’s a case of her mom is rich and famous, thus she is spoiled and entitled, and the world sucks her dick, her shoulder makes me think she’s got, you know the kind of girl raised in some Mommy Dearest perverted situation cuz Diana Ross wanted a daughter and thus made one from whatever unfortunately crawled out of her cunt…

Posting up a bikini – bold.

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Tracee Ellis Ross Bikini of the Day

Tracee Ellis Ross Bikini

Tracee Ellis Ross is something I would be fine never fucking seeing ever in my life.

I get it, her mom is Diana Ross.

I get it, her sister in law is Ashley Simspon…

But the topless pool pics, all artistic but barely erotic…just make no sense to me.

I will post them anyway – Inclusivity you know. All women created equal. Size inclusive, race inclusive, etc.

Tracee Ellis Ross Bikini

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Tracee Ellis Ross Blackish Titties of the Day

Tracee Ellis Ross Tits Out COvering her Nipples

This is the first time and hopefully the last time, that I’m posting some Tracee Ellis Ross social media pics..

She’s Diana Ross’ daughter who I assume had a really hard time getting into the entertainment industry / cast on some show called BLACKISH about white as fuck Black People, at least that’s what I was told, I’ve never seen the show and don’t believe in cable TV.

I mean she’s definitely not a Supreme, but she’s got some supereme sized tits, at least according to me, because I deal in model sized tits…

I guess she’s less offensive than other celebrity kids, I mean imagine if some of these famewhore instagrammers were Diana Ross’ kid, an actual legend’s kid, they’d be off going crazy…dead at 25 or I guess married to Ashley Simpson or some shit..

Tracee Ellis Ross Ass in Tight White Jeans

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Diana Ross’ Daughter Recreates Diana Ross 1981 Video of the Day

Tracee Ellis Ros is Diana Ross’ daughter, who I guess is trying to milk her mother’s name and success further, because the trust fund and allowance and inheritance making her set for life…isn’t enough for her to fell fulfilled as what I assume is a 40 year old woman…so she’s trying to make a point on pop culture, that I don’t think really needs to be made…

This time, instead of asking her mom to pay her rent, she’s decided to recreate her mom’s content from 1981, making this bold statement….

…shift our gaze from how we are seen to how we are seeing and, more important, feeling. And I saw a woman feeling joyful in herself as a whole being; she didn’t seem to be presenting her ass or saying, ‘look at all the ways I can make myself look appealing to YOU.’ She seems to be saying, ‘this is ME feeling good and I am strong and sexy and joyful in ME’!”

To break it down, and I know you don’t care, and either do I, but I get annoyed when people try to make a point that doesnt need to be made, because we know popstars are whores and exhibitionists who want to be seen, noticed and talked baout….

But guess what…in 1981, this Diana Ross video was the equivalent of Nicki Minaj crawling around on all fours twerking….it’s just that the audience has changed…in 1981 dudes were jerking off to nipples and bush…meaning a popstar with a tight body in a one piece was racy…in 2015…people jerk off to throat fucking porn, have weirdo fetishes, and seeing Nicki Minaj on all fours is basic and barely even noticed amongst the noise…

So to compare 1981 whoring to 2015 whoring because 1981 whoring was more wholesome when censors were more aggressive….is just idiotic…and to make it a feminist thing, when clearly Diana Ross is being an exhibitionist in 1981…doing exactly what Nicki Minaj is doing today….is not empowering….it is just how people pay money…

I know…this doesn’t matter, this is just misguided and annoyed be despite not actually caring…at all…really…

Here’s the Original

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