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Traci Lords is Old of the Day


Traci Lords is apparently only 48 years old. I have a hard time believing that because she looks like she’s in her 60s…but I guess a lot of porn chicks and strippers look fucking rough by 30. They say cumming on a bitches face keeps her youthful…but I think that’s just a lie dudes spin to cum on a bitches face…since any of these girls who have had a lot of cum on their face…look rough…but then again that could be drugs and so many other fun things that come with letting random dudes cum on your face….

So Traci Lords was a porn star in the 80s, where she got into it when she was underage, brilliant…she did Penthouse at 15 while using a fake ID…so good…then she went into hardcore porn that became coveted porn…back when porn was more exclusive smut…and it mattered…where porn chicks were porn chicks…selected out of casting couches..with a certain porn look…not the any fat chick who fucks porn of today…

I am a fan of her story….and here she is still alive, a rare thing for 80s porn chicks, and she’s clearly not underage no more….


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Traci Lords Lives of the Day

Traci Lords is the kind of pornstar I like…classic…an innovator but more importantly a shit disturber…teen runaway at 15…only to turn to porn…only to announce on her 18th birthday that she wasn’t 18 when she shot all those porns…making her a kiddie porn star…and the people who shot her getting fucked…as the barely legal who was not legal…kiddie pornographers in a time when the industry already got so much heat…that’s like some broken girl punk rock shit that I think leads to an interesting existence…an existence that has brought her to this…even Terry Richardson saw her at….she looks 90, is actually 45, because that’s the porn aging formula…I’m still a fan of all she represents…I want to be her friend…with my mouth.

Here’s a classic porn of hers NSFW

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