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Steve Aoki Doesn’t Care About the Pilot and the Co-Pilot of the Day

So Steve Aoki issued this “statement”, about DJ AM and Travis who are recovering in Georgia where Aoki went to be by their side, since he’s good friends with AM.


Most important news: Adam and Travis are going to be ok! I can’t give too many details away but things are looking up. It’s just the healing process now and then back on their feet in no time. Adam’s cracking’ jokes just like usual the second day of his recovery… on to bigger and brighter things!! It’s fucking crazy they survived that crash. Condolences to lil Chris’s families and Charles families.

xo Steve Aoki

I guess in typical LA rich kid behavior, they only care about themselves and their immediate circle. The crash happened because of a blown tire and had nothing to do with the Pilot or Co-Pilot’s negligence and I am offended dude didn’t pay his respects for the family of the people who died flying his rich friends around. Ya know, if they didn’t charter that fucking jet and flew a commercial airline like the commoners they once were before becoming rich as shit, that pilot and co-pilot would be still be alive today, so if anything AM and Travis had a huge part in the death of these 4 people indirectly. Everyone is saying how lucky they are to have survived, I am sayin’ if they were lucky, their plane wouldn’t have caught fire.

Either way, I know Aoki means and is generally a cool guy and is probably just shaken up because he was supposed to be on that plane and just forgot about the death of people he doesn’t know, and AM and Travis will be fine, possibly mangled, but able to enjoy the sunset and the stars and life, which is a good thing, even if AM has to wear a mask like some kind of superhero, and that’s the end of talking about this stupid airplane crash despite it being an insane tragedy and all that shit…..

Here is a video of the plane on fire with Barker screaming for help…this shit is scary and sad and I doubt I would have handled myself very well even witnessing the accident, let alone being in the accident. Crazy stuff we’ve got here. Crazy stuff.

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