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Katy Perry’s Boyfriend has no Taste of the Day

I guess that Katy Perry is back with her boyfriend Travis McCoy from the band Gym Class Heroes, I don’t really keep track of Katy Perry love affairs because it forces me to accept the fact that dudes actually stick shit in that pig and that upsets me and puts me in a bad mood for a couple of days where I can’t help but contemplate life. I’ve justified this shit because of his drug addiction, maybe they met before he was famous, there’s a lot of reasons he could be in love with her, but I’m gonna stick with the fact that it’s cuz he’s black or half black and black dudes only care if a pussy is white to get up in it.

Here are the boring pictures….

Here’s a song called Whooty to Walk You Through the fact that Black Dudes Like White Chicks no matter what….

The event they attended wasn’t a total bust, some hot pussy showed up to make up for the disgusting that is Katy Perry….

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