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Elisa Meliani by David Bellemere of the Day


Elisa Meliani is someone I’ve never heard of, but after extensive research, it turns out that she’s a model out of Paris…
her INSTAGRAM …like so many instagram…of girls who aren’t french…but hungry or rather thirsty for fame, thirsty for that big break, and willing to get naked for free for it…in a “look at my fucking pussy, it is beautiful, women are beautiful objects, showing my body is just celebrating the woman form”…for free…and for perverts…but who cares…when it’s in France, it just seems like what people do…

The pics are by David Bellemere, who is a great photographer, he gets all these girls naked, all the time, and not just girls from France, but also girls in America…..and the girls get naked for him because girls get naked for anyone with a camera…especially if they are french, because french people are perverts without actually being labeled perverts, but instead just considered French…an thus passionate…even if they are just perverts…

Good excuse to get girls like Elisa…to show the world her pussy…probably for free…because #France.

This reminds me of some 80s bikinis shoots I used to jerk off to in the 80s…and I like it.

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Anastasiya Scheglova for TREATS by Jurij Treskow of the Day


Anastasiya Scheglova….Sounds legal…and with papers…

The kind of girl who needs to be published to get that work visa from her agency, that’s really just a group of pervert rich guys that want to bang her out…and that she accepts with open arms because it is better than being in whatever country a name like Anastasiya Scheglova comes from..I’m thinking communist…

That said, I may be bored of all these nude for fashion photoshoots that are all the same…but I can’t really get that bored of them because they feature naked babes and even if you look for a minute…it’s better than looking at clothed girls…for that minute…right…

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Julia Lescova for Treats! of the Day


I don’t know if I am saying this because I am jealous that these Treats! dudes out of LA get all these aspiring models and instagram models naked for their rich investors at their parties, paving the way for a constant flow of sugar babies to a sex obsessed group of rich men….you know always recruiting the hot girls, who think it’s the hot place to be, so that they can live that LA life being hot…and I’m not invited…

But I find all these hot girls posing like assholes for no reason boring, stupid, a waste of time, uninteresting, uninspiring, garbage..

Yes they are hot, so many girls are hot…some hotter than others, but so many girls have enough of what I need to get off…a vagina…

So seeing these idiots posing like they are fucking selling product, or doing the Vogue, or who the fuck knows, just constantly makes me laugh..

It’s all over instagram, it’s like do you not realize you look like an asshole trying to look hot and amazing…

It drives me fucking crazy…just stand there, pump you booty out, bend so you look like you have a waist, what’s the post of this again? Oh right, because we like naked chicks…

It’s just so dumb…but I’ll still look, because it is stll naked chicks, but I think it’s time people dig a little deeper than these cheesy fucking shoots…we get it, you can pose, or you can push a button on a camera…but what’s the fucking point…creating disposable bullshit art? ok..showing off tits…ok….

I expect more out of these millionaires….but Julia Lescova is still naked, at least she’s naked, if she wasn’t naked these photos would be real fucking dumb…

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Marion Piveteau for Treats! of the Day

She doesn’t have the best of faces, but what is really in a face when you are wwilling to get naked in a trailer park looking place, when built like this, since most girls I’ve fucked in trailer parks are usually missing toes thanks to diabetes…teeth thanks to poor hygiene…their Walmart clothes covered in what may be tomato sauce, but is probably dried up period blood, because changing tampons can be hard to do – when you’re too lazy to move…unless it’s to get more cake…because cake inspires…thank you online dating for bringing me the gold…

Thank you online – or at least TREATS! for bringing me hope or at least fantasy or at least the reminder that girls aren’t all down on their luck monsters – just the ones I have sex with are…thanks to having very little to offer.

That said, this Marion Piveteau is has a great ass.

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Creepy Masks for TREATS! of the Day

TREATS! put out these pics of some hot models in masks. I didn’t really bother looking up the photographer or really anything about it – because I was up on some ISIS kick and into girls wearing masks – because as a mask wearing weirdo – I understand the plight of the masked person – you know no one right swipes you on the internet, no one wants to be friends with you, girls don’t want to send you nudes unless they see your face…but I also know the beauty of telling a girl “No one will know it’s you if you put this on and let me take pics”…so masks are less a fetish and more a tool to get girls who otherwise won’t get naked..naked…and that works for me…whether artistic, or done on my cellphone…I just care about the tits.

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Maria by Sergey Korolkov for Treats of the Day

The model’s name is Maria, you’ve never heard of her, but now you’ve seen her totally naked for TREATS MAGAZINE …in black and white, because black and white pictures make it art and not soft core porn – duh.

It’s the best scam to get any girls who would never get naked – naked. It’s like “no baby, it’s black and white, if it was porn, it’d be full color…obvs”…

No girl wants to turn down art, for fear of being seen as an ignorant asshole, even when we all know anyone who pretends to be an artist, or is an artist and acknowledges is the real asshole…

But the kind of asshole I like, because of one very important reason…hot babes mixed with a bit of nakedness….

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