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Elisa Meliani by David Bellemere of the Day


Elisa Meliani is someone I’ve never heard of, but after extensive research, it turns out that she’s a model out of Paris…
her INSTAGRAM …like so many instagram…of girls who aren’t french…but hungry or rather thirsty for fame, thirsty for that big break, and willing to get naked for free for it…in a “look at my fucking pussy, it is beautiful, women are beautiful objects, showing my body is just celebrating the woman form”…for free…and for perverts…but who cares…when it’s in France, it just seems like what people do…

The pics are by David Bellemere, who is a great photographer, he gets all these girls naked, all the time, and not just girls from France, but also girls in America…..and the girls get naked for him because girls get naked for anyone with a camera…especially if they are french, because french people are perverts without actually being labeled perverts, but instead just considered French…an thus passionate…even if they are just perverts…

Good excuse to get girls like Elisa…to show the world her pussy…probably for free…because #France.

This reminds me of some 80s bikinis shoots I used to jerk off to in the 80s…and I like it.

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Martha Hunt is Amazing for LUI by David Bellemere of the Day


Martha Hunt is pretty amazing. This is her topless, hot, half naked, round ass, probably fake titty shoot by David Bellemere for LUI, which is some men’s magazine in France that takes better pictures then Men’s magazines in the rest of the world…because France is art and erotica and David Bellemere is one of the more interesting photographers capturing these naked models who in the past wouldn’t have been this naked…but in the porn, sex tape, exhibitionist and voyeur era…it’s the only way to stand out…and they’ve decided that Martha Hunt does it with wet fabrics…and shit is good….real good…Michael Jackson…but without the child rape…even though in ways, I wish she was raping me as a child….or really anyway..because she’s hot…I mean…I’d even be into it if she was rapping at me…it’d probably be a good laugh….

Not that it matters, what matters is that American models who are already committed to Victoria’s Secret, shouldn’t need to do naked Playboy type shit..but that’s the world we live in…and Victoria’s Secret probably whores her out to increase her sock price…and she does kinda look the stripper with plastic surgery filled part…

All this to say…lovely…and “art”…even though they remind me of hundreds of shoots I’ve seen before, I guess there is only so much you can do with a girl, in a visor, wearing a tank top…looking 70s…I guess you don’t need to reinvent the wheel…to jerk off to tit.

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Laetitia Casta by David Bellemere for Muse of the Day


Laetitia Casta is one of the original tits in movies that graced the early internet for celebrity porn to jerk off to…

I never quite knew who Laetitia Casta was in 1996, I just know that I was into jerking off to her tits, thanks to being into celebrities naked, and not celebrities in practice, instead of jerking off to gutter porn chicks naked…

It was the era of internet photo porn, that still took 5 minutes to load an jpg, pre-video…and these sites called internet Thumbnail Gallery Posts or TGPs, were just a stack of categorized pictures you’d click on one to get to free galleries…and for some reason, a reason I call a preview to my entire existence in this world, I’d always choose the celebrity section instead of anal, teen, or blowjob…

Since celebrities were less whorish then, all the actors or models naked would be international…and this Casta chick had these massive tits…

I guess was 20 fucking years ago, but she’s still around, posing, but without nipple…which still counts, but barely, not just because of the no nipple, but because of the being old as fuck…

David Bellemere is the top nude photographer around right now, so this could have been a great throwback to….those better days…but I guess it’s just not that kind of shoot..

I’ll post it anyway, because I’m old…

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David Bellemere’s Below the Belt of the Day

David Bellemere is a French photographer who shot this campaign called “below the belt” for some obscure Vogue. It’s not necessarily anything high concept, I’ve been taking nude pics of girls with their faces cropped out of the pics because it makes them feel better about being slutty…and naked…in pictures, not that these hot models are concerned with that, I mean that’s basically what their jobs are..but I still like the fantasy of the whole thing. Legs and lingerie motherfuckers, I’m down.

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