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Top Trending Stories Facebook Wants Me To See of the Day


Here are two trending stories I saw on my facebook feed, or what I like to call the corporate controlled, evil brain washing feed by a company that tracks our every movie…and monetizes it….because there is NOTHING good about facebook, there is nothing positive about facebook, it’s not even interesting content, just noise distracting us idiots..

Either way, the first story trending was that “Jamie Chung” was on vacation with a few of her hooker friends. I have no idea who Jamie Chung is or why this would be trending, but I assume that this group of girls are the Tila Tequila’s of our generation, and have s many followers who are into their half nakedness…that they post a bikini pic and the number of likes they get get them in the feed. Or maybe one of them fucks an exec at facebook, which is probably the truth..

So here’s some girls you’ve never heard of – but that were trending on their Domincan vacation. Weird. Whores.

I was more into the Red Cross Poster, that is LOLZ, that they had to apologize for, because the colored kids are the bad ones and the white kids the good ones, because the colored ones broke into the all white pool, and took out their bitterness on the white comfort on a nice summer day, that’s why Red Cross feels they should stick to the fire hydrant opened up in the ghetto during the heat wave…right?


Then there was CJ / Cait Jenner wearing her Olympic Gold in a jumper / onsie – thanks to the steroid use jacking up motherfuckers hormones turning him into a woman….

Just Bruce-It – but she prefers being called CAIT…


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