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Porn Kills of the Day

It looks like porn kills. Sure, we all know that for the last few decades porn has killed a variety of people, mainly the pornstars who have drug addiction and can’t live with themselves for being the dirty, used up whores they became as an answer to their dad’s who used to rape them as kids, but I’m sure it’s also killed a lot of losers who were tired of chronic masturbating and not being able to get porn pussy so they decided to end it all with a drug overdose or hanging themselves from the rafters in their mom’s attic, but the other day, it killed some woman who was run down by a jerking off truck driver who was watching porn while he worked like me, only his work involved driving big fucking machines that can run bitches over…..I figure prison will do him some good…cuz after getting out…porn will be the last thing on his mind as every orgasm he has will bring memories of prostate induced orgasms he couldn’t control while getting prison raped….

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