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Some Turkish Reporter in Black Face for Obama of the Day

I want to go to Turkey. Shit’s fucking crazy. They treat their news like some kind of comedy hour and have one of their reporters rockin’ blackface while reporting on Obama’s trip to their country.

It made me laugh and watch the whole thing and I don’t even speak the fucking language, so I think they are onto something, someone needs to get Anderson Cooper up on this shit to lock in the viewers because until I see him in blackface, I’m gonna be forced to think he’s just some uptight closet case who takes his job too seriously.

In fact, Turkey should be a lesson to us all. We should all leave the house in black face, you know and hit up the local KFC, or the pharmacy, just throw people off and when ppl ask you what you’re doing, bust into slave songs.

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Paris Hilton Offends Turkey of the Day

You would think that Paris Hilton would offend a country just by entering it, but it turns out that she has the capacity to go even further by taking their traditions and giving them herpes by posing in her stupid way that someone mistakenly told her was cute and she hasn’t stopped doing since. It’s a lot like that time I went to some native american rights protest and danced around slappin my mouth like I didn’t pay taxes.

I guess the biggest shock was that she was asked to be a guest judge for their country’s beauty pageant which doesn’t really say much for Turkish women, but knowing me, I’d probably still ask them to let me watch them bath, you just can’t stop a pervert.

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