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Christian Audigier Livin’ The Cheesy Bro Life of the Day

As much as I hate everything Ed Hardy. From the napkin throwing twats dancing to dance music like they were in Ibiza while drinking their bottles pullin some 9 to 5 millionaire bullshit with their credit card that they’ll have to pay off eventually while wearing their insanely offensively priced and designed T-shirts that are louder than the shitty dance music they are pumpin their fists to in unison, you gotta give Christian Audigier some credit for being authentic to his cause or at least authentic enough to publicly come across as the leader of this twat movement and not tone things down because lookin’ like total cunts is the brand’s philosophy and Audigier won’t fuck with that cuz he has the best scam goin’…..and here he is with a girl in her bikini….

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