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Coco for Twitpic of the Day

Coco has taken Tila Tequila, Aubrey O’Day and pretty much every pornstar and slut’s lead by posting sleazy pics of her which aren’t really all that sleazy considering they are of her and this is just every fuckin’ day, but sleazy enough for people who don’t have friends who are hookers or strippers or fat chicks with fake tits and fat asses who wear clothes they buy at the sex shop out in public like a piece of tacky garbage no one should really notice or pay attention to, but people do because we are all perverts and can’t help ourselves.

The internet only cares about half naked bitches and for a bitch getting attention is as easy as getting half naked , it’s the whole basis of everything successful online. Youtube got big because of the sluts posting hot videos, Google got big from people searching for “Porn, Boobs, Sex”, Myspace got big before it became a music site because of the sluts and guys who wanted to fuck the sluts and I guess Twitter is doing the same. Mask it how you want, legitimize it all you can, pretend you’re on a news site, or a sports site, or even a music site or search engine, but we all know the truth because the internet is designed for smut and apparently so is Coco.

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