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Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty of the Day

You know what it comes down to is that I fucking love Lindsay Lohan and feel bad she had to embarrass herself by taking a job on Ugly Betty to satisfy her cocksuckin’ management and publicity people. The whole concept of Ugly Betty is completely against everything I stand for and I am not even that superficial of a person, proven in the fact that I have fucked really ugly girls, but seeing really ugly ethnically confused woman with big teeth on my TV just really fucks up my shit. I can’t really explain it, but I think the uglies should be saved for the bar when I am drunk and lonely and willing to take on any pussy and not or network television. The worst thing about this is that there are a ton of ugly girls in the world and they are supporting this show hard, because they can related leading to this bitch winning awards when she should just be winning herpes from the horny men who fuck them with a condom because they know they can’t get shit from their untouched pussies.

Either way, I support all of Lohan’s decisions, and despite this clip sucking, at least she got the ugly chick beat up from some balls, because let’s face it, these are probably the only balls smacking her in the face for a long time and Lohan is doing her a favor because she is a modern day saint in my books….

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