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Some Lingerie Store Politically Correct Bullshit of the Day

I get that lingerie companies don’t want to alienate any women from wearing their product. You can be 90 pounds to 900 pounds and motherfuckers will still celebrate you as long as you are paying, so it is only natural for a lingerie company to do some politically correct campaign to let women of all sizes know they can get their support right at Ultimo no matter what shape or size, all the while not taking a second to think about what the men watching are thinking.

So to clear things up, we fuck enough fat, uneven-titty, flat chested, garbage quality women, we don’t need you to celebrate them on our fucking time, by having some kind of topless love in where you’re all fucking sister and happy you found a bra and pantyset that feels right for you, you can do that shit behind closed doors and send us the highlight reel, provided anything sexy goes down, because this Women in Songs garbage makes me mad, but lesbian group sex doesn’t, especially when it is with girls who had no idea that they had dykin’ out in them before sitting in a room trying on panties with each other, even if they aren’t perfect looking, it’s a quantity over quality situation.

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