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Heidi Klum’s Black Umbrella Holder of the Day

Here are some boring pictures of mom Heidi Klum wearing clothes, like all models who have been ripped apart by black cock and have a dozen half-breed kids running around the hosue, even though she’s bounced back from the shit pretty fucking proper compared to the mom’s in my neighborhood…..

The reason I am posting this is not because I think she’s good to jerk off to, but because she’s got a black umbrella holder like this was the deep south and this Jezebel justifies her slave driving because she’s sleeping with the Negro they let in the house, only in her case, she married him….

She’s German and along with being into really weird sexual fetishes that involve domination, shitting and pissing…they are also responsible for the concentration camps….

There’s more to this Heidi Klum / Seal story than they want us to know….There’s no way it’s not some white racist slave driver living our fantasies and here she is letting the truth spill out over her panty line, not just with her bloated gunt but with Samson and his Umbrella back there….

Not that you care….

Pics via Fame

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