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Saving Abel’s Uncensored Music Video For Addicted of the Day

I don’t like this song at all but I do like the video. It’s got a couple of girls showing off their hot panty asses and bare tits while playing with each other on a bed as the asshole lead singer of the band tries to video tape them like it’s some kind of sex tape….which just makes me mad because the last girl who wanted me to videotape her was my wife on a camping trip so that she would always have the memories of the weekend she ate all our food in the first 24 hours of being in the woods, leading to us having to hunt and gather from the land to survive.

That’s not the point, the point is that I just like my music videos to be more like a porno movie, because I want all things in my life to be more like a porno movie including my life, but that’s just because the girls in porno are so classy and I’m tired of this poverty ghetto life I’m livin’

Watch the Uncensored Video if You Like Bad Rock and Tits

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