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Kim Kardashian’s Pretty Fucking Useless of the Day

The quality of this video is shit, but since I have a bunch of you who are into this slob, I figured I’d post it to remind you that she is neither hot nor serves a purpose beyond letting black guys piss on her. She is one of those uneducated, ill-informed, waste of space, who offers nothing to the world. In her defense, maybe her brain has been suffocated by fat tits and fat ass and the cum she’s choked on all these years. Maybe she has syphilis and it’s driving her CRAAAAZY, or maybe she’s just always been a spoiled cunt raised by a materialistic wallet fucking mother while her immigrant father was busy making money to buy his kids ponies, who fucking knows, but I do know that she just lives her self-absorbed life, worrying about what to wear and finding something to fit her ridiculously shaped body and figuring out how to make time to visit her boyfriend in New Orleans and has no real concern for anything beyond her spoiled brat self and you are all feeding this bitch’s ego, which is better than feeding her dinner because I hear you need a trough for that.

I suggest if you own a TV, watch the fucking debates, especially if you are someone in the public eye, because you might get asked some questions about it and it’s just better to have an opinion versus a useless “I don’t do politics, but I do do amateur porn” attitude. Today, I continue to hate Kardashian. How are you doing?

Here is the debate for you with an hour and a half to waste, I didn’t watch it because I am not American and don’t care, but I think you should.

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