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Kim Kardashian’s Untouched Bikini Pictures of the Day

Kim Kardashian had a scandal a month ago, that involved her pretty much being fully rebuilt for Complex magazine through photoshop because she is fat and ugly and they were trying to sort that out for her so that instead of turning off their regular readers and luring in people down with fat trannies, they’ll just help keep her lie alive.

So in efforts to trick us, she’s done an unedited photoshoot with Instyle, while maybe shit’s not as edited as Complex, I know she’s more doughy than this, but I guess that won’t sell her bullshit work out DVD to anyone who isn’t a black dude or white dude pretending to be hip hop who dig fat chicks….

I love the highest heels imaginable to give the optical illusion that she’s not a thick and stalky piece of shit. We’re onto you Kim Kardashian. We know you are swine flu.

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