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Angelina Jolie is an Unwilling Spokesperson of the Day

Someone took this picture of some ghetto Chinese imported weight loss product that you probably get Cancer when you take, explaining your suddenly attractive new figure as you rot away from the inside out, only to take a bloody shit filled with your organs to really know it’s working. It’s one of those feel the burn situations that is all in the name of beauty. The reason I am posting it is because Angelina Jolie is photoshopped onto their packaging, like she was actually paid the retarded money she commands for this kind of spokesperson shit, but by lookin’ at the funny packaging that is written better than anything on this site, you know that she wasn’t.

My local stripclub that uses a picture of Adriana Lima on all it’s ads and lap dance menus, which makes sense because I hear getting naked is the only way out of Brazil and after enough drinks, the haggard low budget strippers who work there will start lookin’ like her. I guess it’s all the power of marketing, but I know that shit’s also unauthorized and ripping off celebrities gives is more satisfying than dropping 50 dollars to grab a pair of saggy tits.

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