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McCain Supporters Send a Viral Email of the Day

So it looks like a McCain supporter put the internet classes he was learned in prison to good use and decided to send out a racist email to the world, basically saying that Obama is nothin’ but a fried chicken, watermelon eating, porch monkey of a person, like they used to have down in the South afterthe republicans, who from what I understand, were an anti-slavery party, helped abolish slavery, because before that they were treated like fucking animals.

The real joke in all of this is that Obama is half white, living the white dream, meaning he’s got the same genes as the redneck fucks who hate him for being black, when really they hate him for being better at being white than them, you know he’s gone to white schools, has white friends, and is pretty much just a dark skinned white dude and the only thing black about him is his cock, at least that’s what I’ve been told.

I assume he makes good money, lives in a good neighborhood, has a nice enough car, does normal people things like taking his kids to soccer and walking his dog or whatever the fuck else suburban white folk do, while whoever made this is probably shoveling shit in the barn, half broke, shocked he figured out how to spell the subject line of the email, drunk and beating his wife as he builds a fire in the corner of the shack he sleeps in to keep warm, with the only hope he has in life is the fact that he’s white and from what the lessons the last 10 generations of his poor white trash fave have told him, God values that a lot more once you die in a farm related accident or accidentally catching fire at your cross burning meetings, than he values the blacks….

Sure I make racist jokes, because it is funny to offend and stir people up, but that doesn’t mean I think racism isn’t pretty fucking dated and unnecessary. Eventually we’ll all be a shade of beige and I think that because someone is black, white, asian or mexican, they should have equal rights to be heard, especially if they have hot tits. I mean if we based everything on appearances, you’d never get laid….oh right….you never get laid. Bad analogy. But you get what I am saying.

That said, I am not offended by this, I just think it’s a pretty weak attempt to attack someone, or make fun of someone, it’s just way too fucking obvious of a joke and that’s why you’ll probably find this funny, because I seem to attract the real winners in life.

I am not an Obama or McCain supporter, so I don’t want emails to me calling me “nigger lover” or whatever the fuck else I’ve been getting emailed to me the last 2 months from you hicks, I am just posting it, because I find it ridiculous. I am not posting it because I want to out McCain fans for being uneducated scum, or because I support the shit they are doing, I am just doing it because I am doing it.

And in case you need to be reminded that Obama is white, watch this video of him dancing on Ellen…

On a side note, here’s a weird video of Terrry Tate tackling Sarah Palin that I don’t understand…

Enough with this political shit, time for tits.

Update: I hear the person behind the email blast was Heidi and Spencer and here are some pictures of the fake couple in some staged pictures, showing their fake support for McCain – Palin, because they know that if they actually wanted McCain – Palin to win, they’d keep their mouths shut, since the world hates them. If “Guns, God and Glory” is really the McCain – Palin slogan, you are all in a lot of trouble if they win.I

have a feeling it’s just Spencer and Heidi being ironic or sarcastic or Facetious or whatever the fuck this is. So here are Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt trying to be funny, with beer and a rifle and a book about profiting during the economic crisis, considering they have both profited way too much already, and lets just hope that this date that ends in murder suicide, not because we don’t agree with their politics, but because we don’t agree with their existance…

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