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Annalynne McCord is Overqualified for the Job of the Day

This is my lame joke of the day. You know her mouth is way to big for your micro penis, not that your pathetic ass would ever be in a position where this nobody comes to you open mouthed and ready to suck you off in exchange for money, but at least she’s well equipped when things do come crashing down for her and I guess that is just a real sad truth of our generation is that this chick is seen as more important than every single one of us according to the media and that is really fucking depressing.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Mischa Barton Ignores Me of the Day

Mischa Barton was in Montreal. I went on a hunt for her because she wouldn’t answer my twitters and no one I knew could help me get in touch with her, so this is my post to say she’s a fucking cunt, she thinks she’s better than me because she was on some TV show, she was in some movies, she has a lot of money and guys want to fuck her sloppy asshole, giving her this ego, well we could have had something real special but she just threw it all away. Bitch.

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Paris Hilton and Her Useless Cleavage of the Day

We all know that Paris Hilton contributes nothing to the world, not in the music or film world and not even in the porn world. The only reason her DVD did so well was because she was not the average porn star and it was a bitch we saw in the media being seen the way we wanted to see her and it wasn’t because we thought she was hot or important, it’s because we are just perverts and like seeing how bitches we see around fuck. It’s the same reason I have multiple restraining orders against me. I am not embarrassed to admit that I’ve climbed my fair share of fire escapes and trees in backyards and set up my fair share of hidden cameras in the bedrooms of girls I know who would never fuck me, just to see them in action out of curiosity, not out of some sick sexual perversion because it’s not like I was masturbating when I was doing it….but it turns out judges don’t really think that’s a valid defense.

Either way, here she is suckin’ at flaunting her cleavage, but I am posting it anyway, because tits are tits even when they are attached to a bitch we all can’t stand.

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