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Perez Hilton gets Paid to Put Vagina on his Site of the Day

I don’t understand how Perez Hilton can post a picture of Lindsay Lohan’s vagina, make medical references to it, stating it has a wart/herpe on it, like he isn’t a faggot who has never seen a vagina and still gets advertisers, mainstream appeal, featured on TV shows and be considered a safe for work media outlet that makes millions a year.

I refuse to censor pictures of tits, and advertisers call me a fucking porn site. I tell the advertisers I try to get, like movie companies, record companies, video game companies, that if people come to my site to jerk off, they’ve got serious fuckin issues and are the same people who can get off on the bus to random girls showing a little too much leg or cleavage and the whole thing is fucking bullshit.

That said, here’s Lohan flashing some vagina lip, I figure the picture is too small to tell what the goods actually look like and I’d rather lay her out in a nicer setting and give her vagina the opportunity to perform, instead of this surprise attack, because this is an obscure pussy slip but I want to see a pussy performance, with fireworks and all….

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