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Britney Spears and Pussy Hanging Out of the Day

I read that during concert Britney says “My Pussy is Hanging Out” between songs. I don’t know if this is the actual video of it going down, because the dude who uploaded the shit is peddling his own smut, but I do have some pictures that hit the net yesterday with various forms of zooming in, because I’m the kind of guy who zooms in on pictures hoping to see some mom of two vagina lip while she’s grabbing onto her ankles, but who really isn’t….

Here’s another video – so it must be real…

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I am – Beyonce’s Vagina Slip of the Day


I am pretty brain dead because I drink too much and my life is about not remembering anything that happens to me when drunk. So this weekend’s been a blur and seeing these possibly fake Beyonce vagina slip pictures from her performing don’t really inspire me at all. Pictures of vaginas are as exciting as getting watching a KFC commercial when you haven’t eaten in a week. It’s on some cockteasing level that makes me feel like an even bigger waste of space for being into it, and not actually getting INTO it, if you know what I mean.

The reality is, that if I wanted to see a chunky black girl in a glittery outfit with her vagina hanging out, I’d just hit up the ghetto stripclub I can afford, because all the girls are desperate second rate drug addicted mothers of 4 with 3 different baby daddies, and at least then I can throw them an extra twenty to let me smell their dirty fingers after diddling themselves and that always inspires me because it always smells like Burger King and I got a thing for Whoppers. They change lives.

Either way, here’s Beyonce’s snatch in a shitty quality picture, that could really just be a hairy fold of fat, because she always misses that spot when shaving, since it’s hard to get at when her gut is in the way….

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