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I am – Vanessa Minnillo Bikini Ass Pictures of the Day


The dude who invented the bikini was a smart person. Shit has become the norm on the beach, and event though that means bitches who have no business wearing bikinis rock them, so do hot chicks. Since ugly girls don’t register in my brain and just blend into the scenery no matter how fat and disgusting they are, them in bikinis doesn’t phase me. What does phase me is that decent lookin’ girls have been walking around half naked since they were kids, the were raised on this shit and that makes girls more comfortable walking around in their bra and panties, because shit’s equally revealing. It’s like the dude who invented the bikini was a master trainer, and shit worked out, only we all get to reap the rewards of his perversion pretty much every time we leave the house, or get a girl back to our place. Not that you know anything about that, but either do I, and that’s why we’re crew.

Here are some pictures of Nick Lachey livin’ the life on a yacht with his Boy Band money proving that you don’t need talent to be a hustler. He’s his girl Vanessa Minnillo who’s in some bikini and has a fuckin’ tight body and knowing that he cums inside that on the regular can only make me hate myself for never learning how to dance.

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