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Vanessa Carbone’s Topless for the Whales of the Day

Her name is Vanessa Carbone and she’s some ex-playmate with a cause. I guess bitches who get naked for money in hopes of capitalizing their bodies for all they are worth have more substance than whatever is inside their implants. Or maybe they just like getting naked and noticed so protesting the Japanese embasy in your thong makes sense, because before being offered a couple hundred dollars to do this she had no idea what whales are and were under the impression that whaling was just a sex act virginal dudes did to themselves while looking at her nude pictures on their computers in their mom’s basements.

I hate activists. Sure, I appreciate extreme things and consider myself extreme at least when it comes to laziness, and every time I’ve been bitched at by a hippie lesbian about throwing my garbage in the river, or wearing my fur pants, or walking into a butcher shop to buy meat, I know that they are just fronting and the whole thing is for show, you know to give them some sort of purpose because their Master’s degree in something useless didn’t land them a real job and they are only fighting for a cause is to feel better about their useless selves and not because they actually care, because from my experience, recycling or not not clubbing baby seals is just too much fucking work.

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