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Some Bitch from The Saturdays in a See Through Shirt of the Day

Her name is Vanessa White, not to be confused with Vanna White, the Gameshow model who must be in her 90s, and the funny thing is that she’s not even white, that’d be like my name being Rich Classy, or Rock N. Muscles or some other thing that couldn’t be further than the truth, cuz she’s actually Black Filipina, but she is in some contrived, corporate creation called The Saturdays that produce real shit fucking music in the UK that is sung by girls I want to fuck, the way pop music is supposed to be, before trash like Gaga brought the boring lives of Americans everywhere some minor level of excitement with how freaky she was…none of that excitement being sexual excitement….

Either way, here she is in a see thru shirt. Boring? I know.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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