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Some Girl in the Saturdays Having a Shitty Upskirt of the Day

I don’t know who The Saturdays are and I really don’t care that they are, or at least one of them is flashing her panties when getting out of a car, because if a no name, even if The Saturdays are an actual name, has an upskirt, she sure as hell better make it pantyless – or sheer, cuz if I can’t see labia, it is like it never happened.

It is a Tree Falls in the Woods, only the paparazzi are there to try to monetize it on a slow day, situation that I’m gonna participate in efforts to spread my mission that upskirts need a little more celebrity or a lot more clit to matter, like I need to see some shiny thick looking fabric that is less revealing than a bathing suit, when girl needs press. Bullshit. This cunt is doing it all wrong, literally.


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The Saturdays in their Bikini of the Day

Here’s the UK Band of Sluts who Make Shitty Music trying to make it in AMerica by getting into bikinis as a group…because you know that all girl bands spend their free time together as a group on the beach together…frolicking in the fucking water like they are best friends…even though before they made the band they didn’t know each other…they just auditioned together and were thrown into the mix together…

The good news is that it starts with staged bikini pics, then comes the pussy and tit flashing, then comes the group sex tape…and it is all in the name of makin’ shitty hits that sell records…

Either way….who cares…bikinis and sluts dying for attention are always a good mix…

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The Saturdays at the Beach in Shitty Staged Pics of the Day

I guess this UK girl band of sluts who make shitty music is trying to make it in America, because America is the promised land of stupid money making for anyone in entertainment, and everyone knows the key to making it in America doesn’t happen with talent, or quality product, it comes with controverys, scandal and staged paparazzi pics….

First they start with the beach shots, the eating ice cream erotically, the cleavage and the bikinis, then they move onto panty flashes, and nipple slips, in some kind of weird science formula used to get famous…. eventually getting more and more desperate when they realize that a lot of other low level pussy is pulling the same stunts, resulting in the holy grail, the mystical sex tape that will launch them to instant fame, unless they are too old and boring like Shauna Sand and Kendra Wilkinson….

It’s an obvious system of survival of whoever wants it bad enough….but I’m only intrigued by this cuz I actually want to fuck these girls even though they are from the UK….and I guess I am posting this as a preview of what’s to come….cuz trust me….it’s coming…it always does….Hollywood is fucking predictible and boring!

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Some Bitch from The Saturdays in a See Through Shirt of the Day

Her name is Vanessa White, not to be confused with Vanna White, the Gameshow model who must be in her 90s, and the funny thing is that she’s not even white, that’d be like my name being Rich Classy, or Rock N. Muscles or some other thing that couldn’t be further than the truth, cuz she’s actually Black Filipina, but she is in some contrived, corporate creation called The Saturdays that produce real shit fucking music in the UK that is sung by girls I want to fuck, the way pop music is supposed to be, before trash like Gaga brought the boring lives of Americans everywhere some minor level of excitement with how freaky she was…none of that excitement being sexual excitement….

Either way, here she is in a see thru shirt. Boring? I know.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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The Saturdays are a Pop Band I Want to Fuck of the Day

The Saturdays are a reminder that the UK, despite being a bunch of chimney sweepers are more evolved than us, which really makes sense because they are the reason America exists. It’s like America is the UK’s afterbirth, where all their unwanted trash from the UK came to set up shop a few hundreds years ago only to develop hick accents, fast food, and turn their classy, refined way into a trailer park housing project……because they are a pop band that is actually hot, the way it is supposed to be, unlike America that manages to give every ugly tranny lookn girl a fucking record deal…So here are the Saturdays to remind you that you are second rate USA….and to help you grasp why the UK looks down on you like the embarrassment you are…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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The Saturdays Performing Without Pants of the Day

The Saturdays may not be a household name to any of us because they are from the UK and no one really gives a fuck about the UK even people who live in the UK but I find myself seriously affected by this girl band….I want to fuck every single one of them at the same time and I hate girls from the UK because they are ugly, but seeing them collectively sucking on stage, humiliating themselves and not caring gives me hope that they have no shame in other aspects of their life like sucking my dick all at the same time even though I don’t have that much dick to go around….and here they are performing without pants…..

Pics via LFI

Facebook Shut Me Down Cuz They Are Racist- So Add My New Account

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The Saturdays Are Sluts I Want To Fuck of the Day

Who the fuck are the Saturdays and why the fuck are they such whores I want to fuck. I need to further investigate this trash on youtube to analyze their videos while masturbating, I’m wondering how bad their music is, cuz traditionally the hotter the band, the shittier the sound, but I’m far too hungover and impotent to bother, but I’ll let you do it for me, cuz you have nothing better to do with your time and I guess time is the one main benefits of being a fucking loser with no life, friends, job, hobbies….yo have all this free time in the world that you don’t know how to use….there’s only so much chronic masturbating to fill up your days….and by the looks of The Saturdays….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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The Saturdays Showing Some Skin of the Day

I don’t know who Mollie King or Rochelle Wiseman are, but apparently they’re in a band called The Saturdays. After a quick youtube search I realize that they aren’t a band at all, they are just a group of 5 tacky whore singing or lip syncing shitty pop music because the UK is really into shitty pop music with tacky whoress and I’m really not all that sure why, but assume it has to do with the country being filled with trashy mill workers and people who live in caravans who knock up their toothless girlfriends in their bootleg tracksuits when they are 14….and it doesn’t matter because when a whore is tacky it usually means she relies more and more on showing off her tacky whore body and I’m down with that since I don’t have to deal with the bullshit these girls talk about or how bad their pussies smell because my relationship with them is strictly looking at pictures of them and ignoring every song they release because it sucks….

Here are some pics of two of the five not quite naked enough….


Pics via PacificCoastNews

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