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The Saturdays are a Pop Band I Want to Fuck of the Day

The Saturdays are a reminder that the UK, despite being a bunch of chimney sweepers are more evolved than us, which really makes sense because they are the reason America exists. It’s like America is the UK’s afterbirth, where all their unwanted trash from the UK came to set up shop a few hundreds years ago only to develop hick accents, fast food, and turn their classy, refined way into a trailer park housing project……because they are a pop band that is actually hot, the way it is supposed to be, unlike America that manages to give every ugly tranny lookn girl a fucking record deal…So here are the Saturdays to remind you that you are second rate USA….and to help you grasp why the UK looks down on you like the embarrassment you are…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • Maxis

    Fuck that blonde has nice legs, she also has a huge John Lithgow head, but that’s not the point.

  • Patch

    Take that UK pride to the dentist, and the gym while your at it. And by the way your country wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the US saving your asses from the Germans, so have some respect – like your politicians, who are puppets of the US, clearly do. Cheerio

  • Drunken Pig

    These days any pre-fab slutted-up skank using auto-tune and propped up by the record company equals success…pathetic!!…don’t get me wrong I love whores…just don’t call them musicians!!

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  • rob

    Patch, U r an arse.. If history is right didn’t the usa join the war after pearl harbour got taken out by the Japs? You typical ignorant mother fucker of a yank!! British and proud of it..

  • Patch

    Quite true, Pearl Harbor was the reason for us joining, but the Pacific and European theaters were totally different warzones. If we wanted we could have fought the Japanese in the Pacific, put up a naval blockade in the Atlantic and left Europe to rot under Nazi control. Facts are facts and England and France would be speaking German right now if it wasn’t for the US sending Millions of troops into Europe, and losing over 400,000 of them, so let’s not be so quick to call Americans ignorant, second rate, etc. These second rate ignorant hicks are the reason you’re still around gettin drunk and playing football.

  • Stu

    A number of years ago there was a psychological study done that proved that men become stupid when looking at beautiful women. This thread is a case in point.

    Before you go too ra ra Brits on me please apologize for the last girl band you inflicted on us poor Americans. You owe me that much for the Spice Girls.

    Secondly, can we please be fair with our history? The US was already in the war by the time Pearl Harbor happened we just were not in combat. Lend-Lease was the program that allowed the Brits to hold out until Pearl Harbor provided the impetus for us to begin actually fighting. And if the USA had not started fighting when we did then chances are good that both the US and the UK would be speaking German or possibly Russian today. The US alone would have been hard pressed to fight against both Europe and Asia unified under Axis control. The Germans had tried to motivate Mexico into attacking America. Luckily Roosevelt got us into the war before Britain fell and in time to assist the Russian in their fight on the eastern front. Hears to a strong sense of self preservation and good allies even if they do call us names and look down their noses at us.