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Andrea Bocelli and Veronica Berti on the Beach of the Day

It seems like kind of waste that a blind dude would be engaged to a body like this considering he can’t actually see her and doesn’t have to stare at her face all fucking day. I always thought ugly chicks were designed for the blind and the whole reason blindness existed was to give disgusting bitches hope, but throw in some fame, money and a voice of an angel, and all of a sudden his disability becomes totally irrelevant and she can see past it, while he can’t see past much, but at least has a some hot tits and a fat ass to play with and here she is in a bikini….

Sure girls in bikinis are exciting, at least more exciting than girls fully clothed, I mean depending on the girl, because no matter how perverted I am, there is some pussy I like to keep off fuckin’ limits because seeing it is bad for my fuckin’ soul. But I find the whole bikini thing a little played out and I am only a new fetish and that’s getting down to 1920s style bathing suits but that’s just cuz I used to jerk off to my granny’s vacation pics when I would spend my summers with her as a 12 year old boy discovering myself…..I mean, Damn these are some hot pics….

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