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Vicky Stark Big Titty Fishing Chick of the Day

Vicky Stark Big Titty Fishing Chick Bikini

I know nothing about Vicky Stark….

I am just posting her because when I saw that she was out there producing all kinds of fishing erotica…

I once met a guy building a social network for fisherman because fishing which is considered a sport was the largest sport in the world….and he wanted to milk it….

So I figure that my audience, all one and a half of you are into fishing….and girls…but not just any girls, girls who look like this.

You know like all American blonde babe who looks like a stripper, or like they work at Hooters, or like they are just white as fuck in the suburbs with their boyfriend who was either military, or who works in finance or selling insurance so that their middle of the road, warm weather, endless tan life can afford their Jeep.

Rocking the fake tits and a gym body, on some straight from the beaches and fitness competitions of Florida, who found her voice and found her way….doing fishing content.

It’s a fucking great angle, it’s better than just posing to pose, like all them other do nothing bitches…and I have a feeling this Vicky Stark is going to have TV deals in the next month….because fishing and pussy go hand in hand…they even SMELL the same….if you get the right ripe unshowered pussy..and I KNOW YOU DO.

Vicky Stark Big Titty Fishing Chick Bikini


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