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Victoria Kosenkova Topless of the DAy

Victoria Kosenkova has the kind of name I can get behind…a Russian one…because she is Russian…and whether she’s positioned as a model or whatever…I know her soulless existence…her dark and cold like the communist flat she was conceived in…is amazing…trained to be the best there is at whatever she does and willing the cheat, like and steal her way to the top…which often times involves sex work in varying degrees and for that reason alone….my love for Russian women….I appreciate this Victoria Kosenkova topless for Purienne, the OG instagram photographer, who was taking pics like this from before there was instagram.

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Victoria Kosenkova for Vogue Russia of the Day


I don’t know who Victoria Kosenkova is. I didn’t even bother googling her…but I do know that she’s wonderful…because she knows the right way to present herself to the world…an angel really….who doesn’t want to get sent back to some war torn, cold water flat, she was exported from by the sex traffickers who help her escape in exchange for her services…

Unless she’s American, because you know these names like Kosenkova could be born in America…despite what people like TRUMP want…I mean…he prefers his Russian sex workers…peeing on him when they are still illegals…


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