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Victoria Mottet Fake New Art of the Day

Art is a myth…it doesn’t actually exist. It is just something idiots tell themselves they are doing to justify what they are doing. Sometimes, they can monetize that art, sometimes they can make that art into a business, which I guess would take away from the artistic merit of the whole thing, but for the most part it’s just an excuse….an excuse for a rich kid to not get an actual job, or an actual education…a “I went to art schooL”…so they can be stoned all day and make silly, superficial, nonsense pieces that are either sculpture, collage, paintings….that aren’t innovative, interesting, but most importantly…that don’t require talent…it’s just bullshit….

Art, for the sake of this site is a great thing, because it gives girls this excuse or confidence to get naked in photos…thinking there is something cerebral or high brow about their shit….when really…it’s just superficial clickbait that means nothing…does nothing…but nudity is a grea self promotional tool….and that’s what is about…

Call it what you want, I’m too busy looking at your pubic hair to care.

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Victoria Mottet is Hot of the Day

Victoria Mottet big tits topless in jeans

Victoria Mottet is some model, or aspiring model, who isn’t famous or followed on social media, which means she’s the closest thing you’ll find to a virgin, eager to make it out there, because why else are there nude pics of her on the internet, they are there because she wants to get famous, wants to be seen, and knows that nude shoots are the way to do it…

This gives me hope, it reminds me that although we always hear the same names in nude modeling, like the Rat Cows of the world, there is always going to be new, young, hot, naked, half naked girls out there trying to make it…also getting naked and more fun than the ones who have made it because they don’t have the ego or attitude yet…they are still nice and eager about it…and for that…I support Victoria Mottet and her quest to be an entitled cunt instagram model she is destined to become…


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