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Megan Fox Does the Video Game Awards of the Day

I am tired of hearing this bitch being compared to Angelina Jolie. I don’t give a fuck that she’s biting Jolie’s style in hopes of being the next Jolie, I just care that people are treating her like some kind of fucking accomplishment to be the new hot chick bad girl, when all she is is an insecure copycat, proven in the fact that she’s dating David from 90210.

The truth is that I have met many strippers in my day, all of them had some celebrity or pornstar they looked up to and tried to be, but no matter how many times I’d see a fake blonde bitch in a red one piece bathing suit doin’ the Pam Anderson, or how many times I’d see a skinny teenage girl in Christina Aguilera’s catsuit dancing to her Dirty song, I’d know I was dealing with lower grade versions of the shit, even if I’d still fuck them or pay them 10 dollars to touch their tits, despite them giving me this attitude that I’m lucky to be getting with them before their big concert or trip to the fucking South of France, because they thought they were fuckin famous, despite being local whores….

Now I am not a fan of Angelina, I don’t really give a fuck about her, but I hate all the love this Megan Fox gets because she doesn’t need an ego as egos are the one thing that prevents a girl from following her natural calling of suckin’ random dick in bar bathrooms, but instead feeling like their too good to suck dick at all because they are Megan fucking Fox and can’t be fucking bothered, and here she is at the Video Game awards doing her thing for the people who made her who she is, you know the guys who never leave their house because they’re about to get a girl they’ve been talking to on the other side of the world, to show them their mystical powers on World of Warcraft…who constantly big her up and send her fan mail fucking up my whole plan for her to follow the insecure little girl I know she is and maybe that’s the real reason I hate videogames.

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