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Rihanna’s Boring Videoshoot of the Day

Rihanna and her boyfriend are on the set of some music video she’s recording and paying for out of her earnings and by the looks of it, shit’s going to suck. I don’t really get how a bitch who performs in a dominatrix outfit, lookin’ like a whore you’d pay to piss on you, can pull off wearing some oversized homely dress I would expect to see a fat retarded kid wear to a baptism or bar mitzvah depending on her faith, and not something I want to see a slut playing wholesome in. Just look how she holds onto that Chris Brown lookin’ motherfucker’s hand like she didn’t let him finish inside her earlier this morning. I guess it’s a concept thing…not a concept me or any of the guys who jerk off to her like, but a concept nevertheless.

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