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Vikki Blows is Topless in Page 3 of the Day

Vikki Blows is some nude model and this isn’t the first time she’s got topless before, I think the only reason people know who she is is because she gets topless, or maybe it’s got something to do with her last name actually being Blows, but I have a hard time believing that is ture, but if it is, I guess from a young age she got teased and shit followed her like a curse and the only real revenge she could get is to actually accept her fate and make a career out of being a cock sucking whore, like the lesbian I went to school with who we all knew was a lesbian, but who didn’t know she was a lesbian, and we’d tease her and tease her and even the teachers would get in on it by asking her if she rented a tux for Prom, and shit like that, who later in life turned out to have accepted what we all knew and laughed about and started eating pussy, only the girl I knew didn’t have hot tits like this….

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Vikki Blows has a Topless Calendar of the Day

I did a little research on Vikki Blows before posting these pictures from her Calendar, mainly because I had no idea who she was, but don’t worry, I like to keep things ignorant, so my research involved one google search and one click before realizing all I thought about her war right, except for the fact that her last name is actually Blows, I was convinced it was a striper stage name, but according to her, it’s the truth, which I guess is convenient and maybe ironic, despite not knowing what Ironic means, because it Blowin’ looks like something she’s used to doing….Kinda like that time I met a Jew named Freeman, who wasn’t in jail, a guy named Black who was Black and a guy named White who was white, then there was the guy named Cleaver who was a butcher, a guy named Combs who was a barber and a guy named Frye who was a cook…..but a little more pornographic, unless of course you consider a Jewish Black Guy with a Cleaver and a Comb who cooks is sexy.

Anyway, these are the things I learned about her:

Vikki was going to get expelled from school at the age of 13 for mooning her head of year, so she left school and started working at a hairdresser’s.

So she dropped out of school at 13….

I get my tittys out 4 a living, its alright, i do this as i am too lazy to get a proper job 😉

I spend most of my time doing Nothing , im not complaining

So she’s basically a lazy stupid bitch who realized that doing nothing all day was easier than working, especially since when you have the education of a 13 year old, spelling your name is fuckin’ hard, but it gives her lots of time to catch up her reading, except she doesn’t know how to read, and the best way to accomodate that downtime was to show her titties for money and I for one, am glad she did…because despite most girls being exported from the UK being busted up hags, this one’s actually worth wanting to stick your dick inside.

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