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Violet Kowal is Mel Gibson’s Polish Porn Girlfriend of the Day

This bitch is on of Mel Gibson’s mail-order, fall of communism, Eastern European brides, because Mel Gibson loves these communists, probably because he gets to play dictator on their pussies and they don’t ask questions, allowing him to play out his Nazi Hitler fantasies…and really who fucking cares…dude should be able to fuck whoever the fuck he wants to fuck and should be left alone….but instead of taking ownership on banging this 26 year old, his people denied her claims that they had “steamy sex” with Mel Gibson 8 times at his Malibu house and Santa Monica office at least 8 times, so she took a lie detector and passed, because based on her look, I assume anyone would fuck her 8 steamy times if they had the chance….

Apparently, she has some ties to the porn industry, I don’t really know what they are, but I am not surprised because that is why she’s not still in Poland and has managed to make her way to America to live the American Dream, cuz everyone knows the only way out of the iron curtain is through the sex trade….and who really cares, if I was Mel Gibson I’d be fucking everything I could, and if I was her, I’d probably be fucking Mel Gibson too, partially because he’s huge in Poland as Lethal Weapon just hit the theaters there and all my Polish friends would be so envious, but also because a disaster of a person like this is easy to move in on and ride to the fuckin’ top of the tabloid fame which is really the only way for an immigrant smut peddler to take it to the next level….

Here are some pics of her…..that are clearly staged…cuz getting attention is the whole reason she did this for….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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