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Vittoria Ceretti Locker Room Nudity of the Day

Her name is Vittoria Ceretti, I’ve never heard of her but I am sure she really matters because she’s in a magazine with her tits out…like every fucking girl who has a social media account..

I have a locker room fetish…and I always have…I used to go to the gym solely to walk into the women’s locker room accidentally…at one point I got a job working in the gym as a volunteer to walk into the women’s locker room accidentally – but with authority…which got me fired…so the women’s locker room was the death of my career at the gym….

I just like groups of women naked together, maybe it’s from watching Debbie Does Dallas as a kid, maybe it’s from liking women naked together…whether changing, showering, getting dressed, all circled around fitness.. I am a fan…..

So this shoot…speaks to my soul.

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