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Leo DiCaprio Gets Finger Blasted By Model Girlfriend of the Day

There’s a viral story going around about model Vittoria Ceretti, who is some hard faced Italian model that is getting hype for being Leo DiCaprio’s latest hired hand, beard, or whatever you want to call the pussy he surrounds himself in his old age.

The story is that the Italian in fingering his asshole outside of a Halloween party because she has her hand down his underwear, which could just be her checking his temperature, or helping clean up a mess since his a senior citizen at this point, and has probably lost control of his bowels from all the gay sex and drugs he’s done.

I don’t know much about Leo, but he’s pretty faggy to me….and no matter how many groupie models he uses while they use him…he’ll always be faggy to me…I mean, he’s an actor, nothing softer, gayer and weaker than that.

Anyway, I figured post some pics of her since his asshole being grabbed by a perverted 25 year old model who will do anything for her meal ticket, being an Italian now in America living her dream, a little public finger blasting is hardly the worst of what she’s done or what she’s willing to do for this.

That’s what viral stories are for, propaganda and marketing, now we know the bitch, which was clearly in the contract she signed with Leo when he hired her for this job, she was a nobody, an unknown before Leo and now she’s his personal butt plug. Dreams come true.

My favorite of her pics is kissing the guy she dumped to date Leo, there’s a guy like that in Miami who dated Nina Agdal when she dumped him for Leo, and someone should make a documentary on the guys who dated girls who ran off with Leo….That someone should be me.

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Dance Like Leonardo Dicaprio Dances for Whores of the Day

Hrere is Leonardo DiCaprio being a cheesy fuck, dancing like a homosexual on a gay cruise he’s been saving up for his hwole life, only with a ton of dudes because he loves to pay for and finance his entourage to be around him and make him feel secure, he likes when they are topless or jerking off while he fucks models or some shit…

He’s in Mykonos dancing around out of control like the old guy at the party because he is the old guy at the party – who has too much money, and gets too much attention from thirsty low level instagram models like Nina Agdal, who not only looks like she has Downs Syndrome, but makes less than 100k a year modeling, and is just trying to not fuck this up so that she can get pregnant and be like her sister model Irina Shayk, who is much hotter than her, much more successful and internationally celebrated than her, but she’s with Brad Cooper who isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio – the man all the model hookers want because he gives them a taste of the dream, he is the target and why they do this model struggle, I mean that and not wanting to ever fucking work…

Models are so transparent, I guess that’s why someone like Leo just bangs them out….they are interchangeable, fun because they know they need to be, agreeable because they know they need to be, and once they’re not – get the fuck out…

I’ve seen Nina Agdal at least once, she walked around like a drunken monster, she’s really fucking big, and had a shitty attitude, acting like she was fucking Beyonce….or someone actually famous…which was hilarious to me…I was like “she does catalog pics for ecommerce sites for 100k a year, that’s not a skill”….

I don’t know if that’s Nina Agdal on her best behavior, being fun and wild and Danish, but it looks enough like her for me..I mean if you can see past this terrible fucking dancing….

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