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Lindsay Lohan’s Voicemail Hacked a Year After the Fact of the Day

There was a time when I first started this site and thought it’d be fun to fuck with celebrities all the way from Canada without leaving the comfort of my disgusting smelling home that is hardly a home and more of a fuckin’ dump that homeless people wouldn’t sleep in. It was a time when they weren’t openly using the computer or really responsive to people they didn’t know, unlike today thanks to twitter and facebook….

I got bored and lazy. I loved stunts but I stopped trying to find celebrity emails and phone numbers to prank them cuz even when I did make progress I never got a big hit from it cuz no one really cared or believed me when I got through to a motherfucker. So it proved to be a waste of fucking time, like everything else I do, only it required more effort than everything else I do.

But some motherfucker didn’t…he went to the trouble of finding an old released screenshot of Lohan’s personal information, and hacked into her fuckin’ voicemail, her password was 1-2-3-4. He recorded the shit and put it on the internet and now I’m posting it here, because part of me respects his effort, the other part of me doesn’t care, but maybe you do….

Really, all this is going to do is make Lohan change her number, breaking our only link, breaking up our one-sided relationship, but it’s still a pretty big story, so I gotta post it….

The Crazy Motherfucker Who Broke This Story is AnimalNewYork – See what he’s saying about it

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