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Some Olympic Water Polo Nipple Slip of the Day

The Olympics are like porn for sexually confused dudes who get off to women who look like men and here is some further proof with a water polo nipple slip. Now despite the fact that shit looks like it’s attached to some broad shoulders only your dad could have and you’re wondering if this is a Ladybug or Serena Williams situation, where she’s actually just a man too weak to play on the men’s team who has a sponsorship deal with duct tape, but the truth is that hot girls don’t do sports on this kind of competitive level, they are too busy doing other things, like shopping and lookin’ pretty and their idea of fitness is not eating for 2 days and taking a lot of laxatives or joining a pilates group so that guys want to fuck them more than they already want to fuck them, so when watching the Olympics, you gotta expect some sexually ambiguous chicks who look like dudes, and now you can check out their muscular nipples to jerk off to. Weirdo.

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