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Friday is For Flashers of the Day

Here are a bunch of flashers, that unlike real flashers in their trenchcoats on public transportation, won’t be getting arrested….but they still get to get off in the same way…exhibitionism, a hell of a drug…

There’s an endless supply of girls on the internet, possibly the same girls crying about being offended for being white, or being victims, or being sexualized, out there posting their clothed vs their unclothed bodies…so you see what they are working with, so you can decide whether they are the kind of girl better naked or clothed, so you know what you’re getting into when jerking off to her, with no misleading…it’s raw, it’s honest, most probably self-photoshopped…most trying to get you to sign up to their premium snapchats…all wonderful enough in their own right…a celebration motherfuckers..

Friday is for Flashing.

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Olympic Camel Toe the Paraguay Edition of the Day

I assume the Olympics are coming to an end and we’re all going to have to wait another 4 years for the shit to hit again and despite that making a whole lot of you sad, I really couldn’t care less. It’s rare to find hot athletes who don’t have steroid clits the size of a grown man’s thumb, something my inappropriate little league coach told me about when I was 12 and I have carried that fact around with me for a long time, true story, but this Paraguay slut named Leryn Franco’s lookin’ pretty fuckin’ alright.

I assume because Paraguay doesn’t invest too much money into their team and there proabably aren’t that many Javelin throwers in Paraguay because the people there are too busy dancing around fires, she doesn’t work out all too much considering she pretty much placed last. I figure she joined the shit for the same reason I joined my high school volleyball team and that was to miss school, go to other schools and check out the girl team play and here she is showing off her hot ass and pussy in her tight pants.

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Shawn Johnson Olympic Muscular Bitch of the Day

Nothing says sexy like an Olympic Gold medal athlete flexing her muscles in her bikini….These are some personal pictures of some athlete named Shawn Johnson and if you find muscular chicks like this in anyway, I hate to break it to you, but you are gay.

If you think that’s just the obvious thing to say, I have evidence that being turned on by girls with muscles leads you to homosexuality because I used to hang with this sister named Ted and we’d go to the strippers about once a week and everytime we were there he’d get a lap dance from this girl who was a bodybuilder during the day and competed and shit.

She’d get on stage and do chin ups on the bar and push ups all while flexing her greased up shit. Everyone would cheer her on cuz of the novelty, but Teddy would just stare at her with his big eyes and boner, and would always be the first and only guy to get a lap dance with her who wasn’t a victim of an asshole friend’s prank that he couldn’t get out of…..

Either way, muscles or not you are and always have been gay for me and I appreciate that considering how busted I am…

Here’s Shawn Johnson, she’s a gymnast and she’s 16 ya pervert….ya gay pervert…

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Some Olympic Water Polo Nipple Slip of the Day

The Olympics are like porn for sexually confused dudes who get off to women who look like men and here is some further proof with a water polo nipple slip. Now despite the fact that shit looks like it’s attached to some broad shoulders only your dad could have and you’re wondering if this is a Ladybug or Serena Williams situation, where she’s actually just a man too weak to play on the men’s team who has a sponsorship deal with duct tape, but the truth is that hot girls don’t do sports on this kind of competitive level, they are too busy doing other things, like shopping and lookin’ pretty and their idea of fitness is not eating for 2 days and taking a lot of laxatives or joining a pilates group so that guys want to fuck them more than they already want to fuck them, so when watching the Olympics, you gotta expect some sexually ambiguous chicks who look like dudes, and now you can check out their muscular nipples to jerk off to. Weirdo.

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Beach Volleyball Olympic Asses Because NBC are Perverts of the Day

People seem to love the Olympics, I guess it’s because you have some hybrid genetic freak who can swim like an angel on your team and kicks everyone’s ass and that just further massages your patriotism. It gives your feelings of your country being the best in the world, the strongest in the world and the most amazing place in the world some credibility because you have the most gold medals, or at least more than Canada has, and the truth is that I don’t really care.

I don’t try to find hot pussy in the Olympics, I don’t really find freakishly fit girls anything interesting to look at but then again I hate sports and the only kind of athlete I appreciate is a girl who can fuck or suck like a marathon runner, but other people do.

Someone sent in a story on NBC Olympic coverage about the hand signals the beach volleyball girls do. It seemed like a pretty cheap attempt to make a story about exposed athlete asses and it made me laugh that they tried to hide their intentions behind some kind of bullshit story about their hand signals. It’s the kind of genius that I should start doing, so next time Lohan has a vagina slip, I’ll just write about the dress she’s wearing and ignore the fact that there’s a freckled, mangled, slut pussy staring me in the face……

Either way, here are some of the pics I ripped off the NBC site because I try not to hide the fact that I like lookin’ at ass, even if that ass is more muscular than my friend on steroids is…

This Makes Me Laugh – Because It Just Proves That Even Multi-National Corporations are Fucking Perverts and Cashing in On Being Perverts and They Are Just Smarter Perverts Than Me Because They Get Respect and Package Their Perversion in a “Newsworthy” story….

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