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Olympic Nipple Slip of the Day

I guess the Olympics are still going on, I really haven’t had a chance to watch them, mainly because I’d rather jump off the roof of my building, which isn’t saying much because I’d rather jump off my building than do a lot of things. It’s only 2 stories and I’d probably just break both my legs, but at least I’d be hospitalized and able to take a much needed vacation from my shitty apartmennt, shitty wife and shitty she makes for me.

Either way, the athlete women who look like men and have decided to give up estrogen for muscle, are still doin’ their thing in as little clothing as possible, and this waterpolo chick is showin’ off her pec in some nipple slip that happened last week, making me almost down with the Olympics, except for the whole clit the size of my penis part, which isn’t sayin’ much but is saying something….

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